A week before the rest of Steph Curry’s Team USA teammates arrived in New York for a week of practices and international exhibitions, the Golden State Warriors guard was already practicing his shooting form against a quartet of absolute amateurs.

其他美國隊的隊員到紐約的前一周,金洲勇士隊的後衛 --- Stephen Curry早就已經和其他業餘的球員開始做練習了。


The NBA All-Star showed off his three-point skills in a contest against four journalists (this one included) as part of a promotional event for Degree deodorant (Spoiler: He won) after spending a half-hour giving shooting tips to the group (Spoiler: It didn’t work).

這位NBA的明星對四個記者展現出他投射三分球的能力,並且給予他們大約半小時的投籃指導,作為他為Degree deodorant 除臭劑的推廣活動。


In addition to sharing some pointers on his approach – he focuses on the middle three hooks of the hoop in his sight line, regardless of where he’s positioned on the court – he also answered a series of rapid-fire questions as seen in the video above.



But given his new role as deodorant pitchman and the fact that a recent ESPN The Magazine survey indicated that 21 percent of male pro athletes claimed that an opponent’s body odor had adversely affected their play during a game, we asked Curry if maybe it might be a wise strategy for someone he’s guarding to smell a little less fresh on the court.

ESPN Magazine 調查顯示大約有百分之21的職業運動員抱怨說他們的對手的體臭,會影響他們在比賽中的表現,我們詢問了最近剛成為除臭劑代言人的Stephen Curry,在他的對手對上他時,一個較不好聞的體臭,是否可以作為一個較聰明的策略。


“I’d say it would make me more frustrated if I was playing against a guy with bad B.O. and you might want to go at him even more,” Curry replied. “But if a guy smells good, it might lull you into some comfort kind of deal. If you smell good they kind of relax a little bit so you might have a little bit of an advantage.”

"我必須說如果對上那些有體臭的球員,那會讓我覺得非常沮喪,但你會想要更努力去擊敗他"Curry 說。"但如果你對上的是一個味道好聞的對手,那就會讓你進入一個較為舒服的狀態,如果你聞起來很香,敵人就會處於稍微放鬆的狀態,所以你就會占到些許優勢"









1. amateur ;業餘從事者,通常指運動、藝術、科學上。

2. B.O. = Body Odour ;體臭

3. lull into ; 使...放鬆





(Picture from Zimbio)

(Report from Steph Curry: An opponent's bad body odor 'would make me more frustrated )



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