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Kevin Durant 是本屆賽季的年度MVP,且絕對會是2016年暑假最搶手的自由球員。



He has said numerous times how much he enjoys being in Oklahoma City, but former New York Post columnist Peter Vecsey believes that if Durant does leave, it would be for Los Angeles as he said on CLNS Radio:

Durent曾說過他覺得在奧克拉荷馬雷霆打球是享受的,但是前紐約郵報的專欄作家Peter Vecsey 在CLNS Radio上表示,他認為如果Durant 真的離開雷霆隊,他肯定會去加入洛杉磯湖人。


I say if Durant goes anywhere I look for him to go to the Lakers because they’re going to have a tremendous amount of money to give him. Kobe will be on the way out at that point and they won’t have anybody. A guy like him might want to start with the Lakers, or maybe he might want to go a team where he can win a championship.



The Lakers are surely going to do everything in their power to get Durant to Los Angeles, much like they put the full court press on Carmelo Anthony this summer. As of right now, the only players who will still be on the roster when 2016 rolls around are Nick Young and Julius Randle.

湖人隊到那個時候肯定會竭盡所能的去爭取Durant的加盟,就像他們在這個夏季全力爭取Carmelo Anthony的加入一樣。到2016的時候,確定會在湖人隊的球員名單上的目前只有Nick Young和Julius Randle而已。


Depending on what the Lakers do next summer, the team could have enough money to offer Durant and another player maximum deals. Needless to say, the Lakers will roll out the red carpet for Durant when that time comes.

但這還是需要湖人隊明年夏季的補強作為依據,如果明年沒有做出太大的補強,到2016時他們就可以提供足夠的錢去吸引Durant 和其他球員頂級的合約 。到時候如果Durant真的來到湖人的,不需要多說的是他們肯定會給予他紅毯式的歡迎。


The Lakers have always been a team built around stars. Kobe Bryant could very well be gone by that time, and Kevin Durant would be the perfect person to succeed him.

湖人隊一直以來都是以明星去打造他的團隊的。Kobe Bryant到那個時候可能就會離開,然後 Kevin Durant就會是一個去繼承的完美人選。







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1. tremendous :巨大的  ;  tremendous amount of money :巨額的金錢

2.  needless to say : 不需要多說的是

3. succeed : 成功;繼承,在此指繼承kobe的位置






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