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Sixers GM wants Joel Embiid to take over his Twitter account 





Joel Embiid is a king of Twitter, and Philadelphia 76ers GM Sam Hinkie recognizes how incredible he is. So much so that Hinkie wants Embiid to take over his account.

大家都知道Joel Embiid是 Twitter上的王者。甚至連費城76人的總管 Sam Hinkie也承認,Embiid在Twitter的表現是很不可思議的 。他還希望Embiid 可以管理他的帳號。


From Jason Wolf of the News Journal

報導自the News Journal 的 Jason Wolf :

“I told him I want him to take over my Twitter account,” Hinkie said. “Maybe my followers will pick up. I think I’m at 20 or so right now.”

我告訴他我需要他來管理我的Twitter 帳號。Hinkie說,「或許我的追蹤者就會因此變多了,我現在大概只有20個左右的追蹤者」



Hinkie was on a conference call with reporters to discuss Embiid signing his rookie contract. Embiid was the no. 3 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. Terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Hinkie在電話會議中和記者討論到 Embiid這位選秀第三順位的新秀合約, 但他並沒有對合約內容多做透漏。

Hinkie also answered questions about concerns that Embiid, a 20-year-old native of Cameroon, would get into trouble on the social media service.



Again, from Wolf

在一次的由Wolf 報導:

“I think he’s, for a Twitter newbie, I think he’s found the line in a way that is entertaining and people have had lots of laughs,” Hinkie said. “Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of February or late in March or in the middle of a road trip where some of that humor doesn’t go over quite as well. He’s adjusted pretty well so far.


Hinkie 說 :對於一個Twitter的新手來說,我認為他找到了一個有趣又可以娛樂大眾的方式。「有時候你會發現在二月中、三月底或是在客場的旅途中,生活總是會缺少了一些樂趣,但是他的話我認為他可以調適得很好


“Maybe he’ll touch the stove and get burned a time or two,” he said, “but I think he’ll find his way and be fine. But you can be assured it is the sort of thing we talk about.”





Don’t you dare stop him, Mr. Hinkie. He’s the best man on Twitter and it isn’t close.


但無論你做什麼都無法阻止他的 Mr. Hinkie,他是Twitter上最棒的人。


 最後附上Embiid 在肯塔基大學時對上奧克拉荷馬州立大學的單場高光



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